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3 December 2014

Congratulations to our 2014 PSLE cohort!

Well done to our 2014 P6 students!
You have put in much effort and your hard work has paid off. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours!


Grace Koh
Megan Tan
Ying Sumei
Joshua Lee
Chu Chen Wei
Jann Soh
Jana Kua
Joanne Tan
Perry Na
Ann Tan
Isaac Wong
Simone Cheng
Myra Choo
Gwen Lee
Loke Meiqi
Clara Lim
Tricia Kuan
Jerome Ang
Kimi Neo
Loo Ying Yeeng
Rachel Chin
Caitlin Yap
David Ngien
Hoon Wee Tow
Jonas Koh
Jonathan Tay
Justin Lock
Corey Koh
Joshua Sy
Brendan Loo
Ong Jer Gg

“I first chanced upon StarScape when my friend recommended it to me. Before I started lessons there, I was someone who was not meticulous enough. As a result, I always missed my A* by a few marks. After joining the P6 Science Head Start programme in 2013, I fell in love with the lessons there. The lessons were interesting as we could do various experiments to understand the concepts better. Mr Chong is a very patient teacher who would help us clear misconceptions and explained to us slowly the key words required for answering the Science questions. After a while, I got the hang of the right answering techniques and became more careful after doing a few tricky MCQ papers. I joined the Math class later on in April. I usually do not score very high for Math as I always could not calm down during the examinations. I then realised that I actually have some misconceptions in certain topics. Teacher Kelly taught us how to overcome some Math obstacles. True enough, my Math improved by leaps and bounds. After all these help, I was able to score better during PSLE.” - Grace Koh (NYPS)

“I have achieved an A* for PSLE Science all thanks to StarScape Science. I have never actually achieved an A before and after going for the StarScape lessons, I achieved my goal of getting an A* for PSLE. The concepts and methods taught really helped me.” - Joshua M.D. Lee (ACSP)

“I have been taking science lessons at StarScape for 4 years and I have enjoyed every single lesson thoroughly.  Mr Chong not only teach us the theoretical part of science but we get to conduct experiments and have extremely hands-on approach in the world of science. Every lesson is extremely interesting and I look forward to each lesson eagerly.  Mr Chong has been a very caring and supportive teacher, who take great interest in our well-being and often check on our progress.  Science is now my favourite subject - all thanks to Mr Chong.  Without his relentless effort and support, I would not be able to get A* for science. Thanks, Mr Chong!” - Jann Soh (FMPS)

“I have enjoyed lessons at Starscape and having Mr Chong as my teacher. He makes lessons really fun and absorbing and I always look forward to attending the classes. I find the lessons at StarScape really beneficial and I never fail to learn something new. Thank you Mr Chong for making science my favourite subject and hence I got an A* for PSLE! smile- Jana Kua (SCGS)

I enjoyed my time at the PSLE revision 3-day programme. I learnt a great deal and had a really good time. Not only does the teacher clarify all the topics covered in 4 years of science education, the resources provided was very comprehensive. It is also a great chance to meet many different people, I made wonderful friends during the course. I recommend it because the worksheets and mind maps are very clear and the lessons are very interesting. I learnt a lot and it gave me much more confidence for PSLE. Thank you StarScape!
- Ying Sumei (HPPS)

“I really enjoyed the Math lessons conducted by Miss Kelly, especially the lessons which involved hands-on learning experiences and the educational games that were used to provide us with a fun learning experience. The fun yet enlightening Math lessons were what helped me to achieve my results in this year’s PSLE. Thank you, Teacher Kelly!” - Loke Meiqi (RGPS)

“I joined StarScape in mid-2012 when I was struggling somewhat with Science, and have never regretted the decision. I got better steadily over time, and this year I got an ‘A’ for PSLE because StarScape helped me improve with useful ways of understanding concepts related to each topic every lesson. Those mind maps, worksheets, quizzes and Space Races all helped me remember and apply important Science facts and key words effectively, not just for my studies but in real life as well. Thank you StarScape!” - Gwen Lee (HPPS)

“When I moved back from China after a few years, I failed my P5 SA2 Maths. So my mother enrolled me for classes at StarScape. Since i had a weak foundation, I took up both P5 and P6 classes on Teacher Kelly’s advice in order to brush up on the concepts that I have missed when i was away. I have improved tremendously and now I am able to achieve an A for my Maths. I am very thankful to Teacher Kelly for teaching and helping me with my Maths. I would also like to thank Mr Chong for helping me further understand Science concepts!” - Justin Lock (ACSP)

“I was enrolled into StarScape Maths and Science when I was in P5. The Science teacher was friendly and his class was fun and had lots of engaging experiments. Maths had been my weakest subject before I joined. The small class size was helpful to me as the teacher was able to focus on my weaknesses and helps me reach my fullest potential. Over a short span of 1.5 years, I have learnt much from the classes and made new friends. Thank you StarScape for helping me progress much, achieving A for both my Maths and Science!”- David Ngien (ACSJ)

“I found the Starscape lessons very interesting and enjoyable. The worksheets were useful and helped me a lot when I revised them. Mr Chong was also very patient when he explained some questions to me after class. Thank you Mr Chong for being such a great teacher and I really appreciate it!” - Caitlin Yap (SGCS)

“Mr Chong, thank you so much for all your help. Before I came to Starscape, I used to get Bs for Science. When I joined Starscape in P6, I learnt much more through your interesting lessons, great answering tips and excellent notes. And, I got an A for science for PSLE! Once again, thank you so much!” - Jonathan Tay (ACSJ)

“Mr Chong is such a patient and wonderful teacher. I am very grateful to him for always being there to help me whenever I have questions. Thank you so much, Mr Chong!” -Jerome Ang-Heng (NYPS)

2 December 2013


Ryan Tan Jinn (Ngee Ann Pri) - 2013 PSLE Score 265

“I’d like to thank my teacher for all the hard work he has put into teaching me. He was a patient teacher and used interesting examples to explain difficult science concepts. The experience was fun and useful!”

Lorraine Ong (St Hilda Pri) - 2013 PSLE Score 263

“Although I only attended the 10-week intensive revision leading up to the PSLE, I found the lessons very useful. It was very helpful in summarizing key concepts and identifying keywords in my answers. The teacher was very clear and did not hesitate to help us clarify any questions or misconceptions we had. All in all, my experience at StarScape has been very fruitful! Thank you!”

Sean Khong (ACS J) - 2013 PSLE Score 262

“I really enjoy the science class here at Starscape. The lessons here are fun and effective. I very often have to do interesting hands-on experiments which allow me to better understand the science concepts which are being taught in that lesson. Other than the experiments which help me in the understanding of the science concepts, Starscape also provides notes which helps me to remember the important key words for science OE questions and worksheets which contain challenging questions that often appear in exams, allowing me to understand how to craft the correct answer for that particular question. The teacher also patiently explains areas which students are unclear of, allowing us to fully understand them. He often encourages us to approach him when we are unsure of the answers to questions that we come across from school exam papers. With the help of Starscape, I managed to achieve my target in the PSLE for Science. I have indeed benefited from the class. Thank you!”

Neo Xiu Yang (ACS Pri) - 2012 PSLE Score 267

“My teacher was a great help in my years at StarScape. His notes, especially application questions and answering techniques were an excellent help for my Science. I used to do poorly in Science, however I managed to do well in PSLE with the help of StarScape. To all juniors, all the best!”

Andrea Lim (RGPS) - 2012 PSLE Score 265

“StarScape gave me the regular practice for exams I needed to prepare for PSLE. Our tutor made lessons fun. Difficult concepts became simple. By learning to answer with key words at StarScape, I made great improvement and received an A* for Science. I am glad I went for class at StarScape.”

Margan Sreshta Varcesvi (HPPS) - 2012 PSLE Score 265

“Starscape helped me learn Science better. The tutor inculcates in us a deeper interest towards science. The lessons are fun and informative, taught through a mixture of experiments and worksheets, suiting those who like both visual and practical methods. I came to Starscape to improve my science and it has definitely helped me. I scored A* in Science in PSLE and made it to my dream school.”

Tham Jia Yi (ACS Pri) – 2011 PSLE Score 270

“ During lessons, my teacher would often use experiments to explain certain scientific concepts to us, such as evaporation. From doing these experiments, I was able to better grasp the concepts and thus apply it to my written assignments. He also showed us several educational science videos from BrainPop which gave an in-depth explanation and was often paired with worksheets so that we could reinforce what we learned from the videos. Lastly, we often brought questions from our school worksheets to class and he will helpfully pointed out our mistakes and explained the correct answer so that we would be able to learn from our mistakes and avoid them again. I am grateful for his help in my Science. ”

Zack Soh (HPPS) – 2011 PSLE Score 267

“ I have my science teacher, to thank for my A* in science. He motivated me and sparked my keen interest in science. His lessons are always interesting and inspiring. Without his support, I would not have achieved such stellar results! Thank you! ”

Marcus Choo (HPPS) – 2011 PSLE Score 265

” I enjoyed tuition classes at Starscape because the tutor explains concepts well and he uses interesting teaching materials. ”

Hameem (HPPS) – StarScape Student Ambassador , 2010 PSLE Score 274

“ My teacher has inspired me greatly. The lessons I have learnt will certainly aid me in my life. I am very thankful for my teacher’s efforts. “